Top Five best Wire Shelf purchase guide for [2020]

Wire shelf

If you’re looking to clutter your home for wire shelf, then you need to buy metal storage wire shelf. Metal storage shelves take very little space in the home but help you store several items. They can easily be set on walkways, corridors, and corners without occupying too much space. The best thing about metal storage wire shelf is that they are durable and will serve you for years. If you are in search of the best metal wire shelf, then you come to the right place. We’ve reviewed only the best metal storage wire shelf  that will offer you a good value for your money. Read on and pick one that will best help you organize the clutter in your home.



1.AmazonBasics 5-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit, Metal Organizer Wire Rack, Black


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Awesome storage rack. This fits perfectly into my walk-in closet and gives great storage for everything . I  normally store in a linen cabinet wire shelf. It certainly beats struggling with try to put in built-in cabinets.

Saw a bunch of reviews saying it took 30 min to an hour to set up. But I timed myself to race them and got done in 15 minutes. They must’ve read the instructions in each language to take that long.These shelving units are so great for holding inventory that you need to be able to move around. The wheels on this unit are especially sturdy. I recommend buying shelf liners if you have small items. Good price too.

We love this wire shelf! Those wire self added to our pantry. We place bigger item on these shelf’s so they didn’t take up so much room in our pantry!! Very easy and sturdy!! This simple shelf storage unit was incredibly easy to assemble. It extremely sturdy and even comes with a wire-wall connection if you are worried about the possibility of tipping. I purchased two to replace some former plastic units that did not stand up to any weight. Hope they stand up as well as they do now. The wheels make them extremely easy to maneuver around.

2.AmazonBasics 3-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit, Metal Organizer Wire Rack, Chrome Silver


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Bought this for extra storage in our laundry room closet that has no shelving. You can switch out the feet for wheels which makes it easy to roll anywhere you need.Wire self  Shelving is adjustable.

I need some extra shelves in my pantry to put my kitchen aid and a few other things as my kitchen is pretty small. So this was exactly what I was looking for.It wire self  Small but sturdy and holds a lot of weight!

Well made. Sturdy. Using in a utility closet – added lots of storage space.

This product was very easy to assemble.Due to health issues, I can’t lift anything heavy,but with this shelving unit,once the heavier items are placed,it is really easy to just roll the unit to wherever you want to store your heavier items.Unit really is a blessing for me I appreciate this product,and would like to purchase more someday.

3.AmazonBasics 4-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit, Metal Organizer Wire Rack, Black


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This work absolutely perfect for our. I have containers that I put on it and it is very sturdy but easy to move if you remember to take the wheel lock off. Those wire shelf use to easy  on your kitchen room.

Bought the tall wire storage shelf unit with wheels to use as pantry shelving. Was very sturdy and was easy to put together and take apart when I needed to lower the top shelf to make way for a walk light. Good for storing kitchen appliances and canned goods. ordered plastic bins so bottles won’t tip if I have to move it out of storage closet (under stairs) for any reason. The wire makes bottles tipsy unless you lay them down. Once I figured this out, the rest of the unit went together in about 10 minutes with no more problems. All in all, this looks to be a well made item with nicely chromed finish. I wanted wire shelving for good air circulation around the electronics that I have on it.

We use this in our closet for clothing. Contrary to other reviewers that said this was difficult to put together, I found it extremely easy. I took me about 15 minutes to put this together on my own. It’s pretty sturdy. Looks much nicer than I was expecting.

4.AmazonBasics 4 Cube Grid Wire Storage Shelves, Black


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This is great! Very sturdy (if you put it together correctly). take your time and make sure its all clipped in fully. It has plenty of space for clothes and other things.

So easy to put together. Lightweight but sturdy. So easy to customize how you want it arranged. Only wish it had a way to anchor to the wall that came with it. I used zip ties and U-nails to secure it just in case. Most of people use wire self in kitchen room.These units are easy to put together, especially with a small rubber mallet… are sturdy when assembled… and hold a wide variety of items, most of which can be viewed from one side or another when stored. I’ve used these storage units for years and just keep adding to my stash as I develop new interests/projects.

It does require a little finesse, to get the corner pieces on just right – but it works really well. Was able to store a large amount of bathroom supplies. It weighs almost nothing, so it can tip over. I would recommend putting something heavy is on the bottom shelf or use an anti-tip device to keep it from falling over if you have kids that like to climb.
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5.Whitmor Kids Storage Cubes Set of 4 Multicolor

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Great for din creations, a bunch of heavy duty zip ties and you have yourself a domestic rabbit condo! Phenomenal product. However, you really need to be strong and masculine to build this.Definitely nice for storage but quite a task to install and they come with no clear instructions. Took 2 sets of hands to put it together. A small mallet may be necessary if you are alone or not heavy handed.
Definitely worth the money. Bought plastic containers for my son to put inside them to hold toys and such.

We use this to store our shoes. You can reinforce them with cable ties for a stronger structure. However, she assembled this alone, and is quite proud of that fact. It is very sturdy and she loves the clean lines, she has put a lot of her crafting stuff on it already. Pius, she receive it 36 hours after I ordered it….great!

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