Best BMX Tires Review in 2020

Best BMX Tires

Best BMX tires are incredibly important, because it can effect a riders performance & sort of riding. this is often because it can make an enormous difference on their stability and control whilst riding their BMX bike. BMX Tires run first.It styles best any others tires.

The Best BMX tires is that the Sunday street cleaner , which features a wide width and a high PSI level making it the right tire for street and freestyle riding.

In this article are going to be samples of Best BMX tires for various styles. Tires can have important features like the PSI rating and therefore the width of the tire. Check these features bent know if it’s suitable for your sort of riding.

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1.Goodyear Folding Bead BMX Bike Tire, 20″ x 2.125″


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Who wants black tires that blend into the pavement? These all white tires look super dope gliding across the blacktop. Tight tread patterns keep the ride smooth and the flex bead makes for easy installation.I ordered these in the heat of a flat tire emergency and I’m so glad I did. The white ones shipped 1 day and were easy to install. As Best BMX tires they are WAY stickier grippier gummy than what I had on before. I think this adds some drag but they do well in rain and have taken lot of pothole beating in the last month with no signs of wear or puncture.Got this for my granddaughters bike, it fits great and almost matches the original tire that’s on the rear. No problems. I have no idea how the heck they got the tire folded up into that little box though! Folding didn’t bother it one bit once I unpacked it.Was nearly perfect visual match for the stock tire which I was not replacing, including tread pattern. Non-metal beads easily returned to round shape with minimal effort after unpacking. Seated uniformly on the first try.

2.Bell BMX Bike Tires


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Good thick tread, compared to the tires the bike came with these things have heft and are nice and firm. Took about 8 minutes to do both wheels. They look good on boy’s little bmx bike.My teenage son replaced it on his own. We usually buy these locally and it’s usually a different brand. My kid thinks said its the best one he’s ever had I think it seems to be pretty durable and the rubber traction is pretty significant. He installed the rear on a Haro BMX and been riding on it a few days now. I would recommend.I had a hard time finding a tire this size in any local stores, but received this quickly with Prime at a reasonable price. I will definitely buy again when I need another bike tire this size.The rear tire is where all of the weight from kids, baggage, and all of the other ridiculous (awesome) stuff we carry on this thing sits, so it wears down the fastest. I installed this tire on the back and it was a pretty easy installation considering that I have giant panniers and kids seats in the way (not Bell’s fault). Comes with good instructions in case you haven’t changed one of these before or need a refresher. Haven’t really tested out the anti-flat technology but we’ll see that over time. Nice to have this to switch out with the OEM tire so I can get more life out of both of them over time.

3.Kenda Comp III Style BMX Wire Bead Bicycle Tire


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Fit and works as expected. Many other tires don’t fit properly and this one was perfect.Every Son loves these on his BMX racer. size was perfect used with slime tubes and he is good to go, stopping is now the issue!Great tires for a great price.Fast shipper, item just as described. Would buy here again in an instant; no worries at all.I bought these tires for replacing old ones on a large work wagon. They are just perfect. They were shipping very quickly, very secure and at a great price.Work as promised. Good tread, good quality, stand up well to the abuse of little boys on bikes. I’ve always been a fan of Kenda tires and these have not let me down.the tires that came with the bike were obviously cheap because they started splitting within a year or so. I ordered a pair of these tires for replacement (along with some Schwinn tubes) and they work great – she is riding better than ever now.

These bicycle tires were exactly what we were looking for…and a great price as well. Thank you!

4.Maxxis Holy Roller BMX/Urban Bike Tire


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Great value for the dollar. Installed quite easily however I did order replacement tubes as well that do not come with the tire. They can handle increased pressure and are much lighter than the stock tires.I installed these on my Corrode Outlaw. The prior owner had mounted 26×2 Watchable tires and they were squirrel on anything but dry hard pavement. These Best BMX tires have given me and this bike a whole new feeling of confidence and control on and off the pavement.

I mounted these tires on my classic 90’s Schwinn mountain bike and they are a hige upgrade. They are quiet, they stick to the pavement quite well and they look great! I got a chance to ride my bike for 30 minutes and that was enough for me to be happy with the feel and the quality. I will definitely purchase these tires in the future. Great to know max-xis is still making quality tires. I ride mild hard-pack single track & in town to the bars. Used to run these on my BMX when I was younger as well.

5.Maxxis Hookworm BMX/Urban Bike Tire


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These tires are top of the list, amazing. The grip on these bad boys are excellent for the street. I ordered these when they were a little cheaper last week. I got a message saying that they were undeliverables. Thinking I would have to pay the new price for them and re-order them had me a little upset, but the seller was great and worked things out for me. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase.Guess it’s time to finally review my tires. With my previous OG tires I would get a flat maybe two to three times a year. Since buying the Hookworms I’ve had zero issues with flats. They’ve held up great and still look great as well. I was thinking about buying something a little more rugged for a trail and looking at Max xis for my next time.Bought one for the rear wheel of my motorized bike and only can say good things it grips in dry rain dirt and light mud. Rolls smooth and quiet. Will definitely be buying one for my front wheel also.Great tires, delivered quickly. Tight fit on the rim and thick tread. Should last a long time. Nice and fat so I can run them at low tire pressure for a real “cruiser” comfort ride…


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